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This 50 Year Old, Homeless Bodybuilder Uses The Streets Of Paris As His Gym (VIDEO)

Instead of Drugs and Booze, Homeless Man, Jacques Sayagh, Uses Creatine and Whey Protein

In 2014, a French director named Julien Goudichard happened upon a homeless man who had more training dedication and a better physique than most men half his age. It was blatantly obvious that for this man, Jacques Sayagh, the streets of Paris were not only his home, but also his personal gym.

Totally intrigued, director Goudichard decided to make a short film documenting Jacques’ unusual and unorthodox homeless lifestyle. The film is called Street Fight and highlights Jacques’ street workouts and daily street life.

Behind any unwavering dedication, there is usually a higher goal. After all, let’s face it…in this instance this homeless man had no occupation or responsibilities that he had to tend to. For Jacques, his goal was to compete in the Grand Prix des Pyrénées, a body building competition in France…..even at 50 years old. Whether realistic or not, and given his circumstances, his goal deserves respect.

Who knows if he ever made it to the competition but one thing is for sure….his calisthenics training and new healthy lifestyle gave him an amazing physique and the right to claim that he TRULY does street workouts.

Check out the 6 minute video below:

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