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Isolate and Decimate Your Delts for Greater Gains with This Often Forgotten Exercise

For Well Rounded shoulders, Give Your Anterior Deltoids Some Undivided Attention

While I enjoy most of my days in the gym, my favorite days are when shoulders are involved. No matter what type of look or physique you’re going for, a strong set of shoulders enhances everything. There are so many different variations and angles you can incorporate into your shoulder workout to keep it interesting too.

While overhead press exercises should be the core of a shoulder workout, you need to hit all three heads (anterior, middle, posterior) to do complete work. When addressing the anterior head, most people use the front raise, which is a great movement.

However, bigger, faster gains can be achieved by adding one little tweak to the front raise…..a tweak that all iron fanatics know about but sometimes forget to incorporate into their exercises……


The Incline Barbell Front Raise is a great exercise that puts your delts into total isolation and completely removes our cheating friend called “momentum.” Since your position on the incline bench keeps you from using your body weight for momentum, the front deltoids are full on and have to fend for themselves:

Incline Barbell Front Raise

Here are a few tips from Muscle & Fitness on how to incorporate this isolated front raise into your training:

WHEN TO DO IT: Late in your shoulder workout, after compound movements like overhead presses and upright rows.

HOW TO DO IT: 2–4 sets, 8–12 reps

QUICK TIP: Use the same setup for rows. Supporting your chest lets you work the lats without straining your lower back.


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