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Superhuman Frank Medrano Gets Trained by the Legendary CT Fletcher

Two Opposite Worlds Collide in a Long Beach Gym

It doesn’t get much more polar opposite than calisthenics expert, Frank Medrano, and powerlifting legend, CT Flecher. As CT puts it best, “You mutha f*%$ers have heard of yin and yang? Well, that’s me and Frank!”

Not only do they differ in their chosen disciplines of training, they are at different ends of the physical spectrum: Fletcher coming in at 220 lbs of bulk muscle and Medrano coming in at 160 lbs of lean strength.

Working Out, CT Fletcher Style

The two met up in a Long Beach, California gym a while back and put Medrano through a workout. Fletcher is impressed to say the least by Medrano, who displays a total mastery of strength, movement, and body limits.

And of course, Medrano doesn’t get through a workout with CT Fletcher unscathed….if you’ve watched any of CT’s videos, you know Medrano has to get slapped silly (literally) at around the 1 min. mark.

Respect the Work, Respect the Strength

What makes this very short video worth a watch (less than 4 min.), is you can feel the mutual admiration and respect that these two fitness icons have for each other. While they have achieved their massive results by traveling two completely different paths, they both share and display an unwavering determination, commitment, and work ethic.

As CT Fletcher says, “Can’t escape hard ass work!”

Watch this short video below and see something that’s hard to come by these days……mutual respect.

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